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  • The Open Source Advantage

    Our service is proudly powered by Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene, the open source industry standard for fast full-text search.

    Now your application's search can benefit from years of effort invested by a community of expert developers. Bottom line: you get the best features and functionality available.

  • Results in Real-Time

    Your customers are conditioned to expect fast full-text search, and Bonsai delivers. Studies show that faster websites are more attractive, and every millisecond matters when it comes to your customers' satisfaction.

    Search your site's activity as it happens, with Elasticsearch's cutting-edge real-time updates.

  • Distributed by Default

    Build a high-scale, high-availability search index with confidence. Elasticsearch is built with data distribution in mind, for today's modern cloud hosting environments.

    Partition your index into shards to expand your capacity, and add replicas to support higher availability and search traffic volume.

  • Supported by Specialists

    At One More Cloud, we have been serving production full-text search for thousands of other customers since 2009. Our sister service Websolr is one of the first, and most popular, Heroku addons.

    We're experts in web development, distributed systems and Lucene, and we're here to help.


class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
  include Elasticsearch::Model
  include Elasticsearch::Model::Callbacks


@article = Article.create(
  title: "Hello world...",
  body: "It's just Ruby and ActiveRecord."


@articles ='foo').records


client = ElasticSearch('')
article = {
  "title": "Hello world",
  "body": "It's just Python and pyelasticsearch!"
client.index(article, "testing", "articles", 1)

  "query" => {
    "text" => {
      "_all" => "Hello Python"

Create an Index

curl -X POST

Add Documents

curl -d '{
  title: "Hello world",
  body: "JSON on the command line with curl!"


curl -XGET -d '{
  "query": {
    "text": { "_all": "Hello, curl!" }

ElasticSearch has a comprehensive collection of open source clients. Its RESTful HTTP API can be integrated within your platform of choice, specifically including:

.NET, Catalyst, Clojure, CouchDB, Django, Drupal, Erlang, EventMachine, Flume, Grails, Hadoop, Perl, Play!, Rails, Symfony2, Terrastore.